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5 Things to Do to Get Ready for Your New Apartment

A senior man and woman stand in front of moving boxes.

Looking forward to your move to a senior living community? Now’s the time to do your research and prepare for next steps, so you’re ready to move full speed ahead when your chosen apartment becomes available. Here are some things you can do to pass the time and be productive while you wait in anticipation of one of the most important moves of your life.

From starting the organization and downsizing process to exploring your soon-to-be new neighborhood, check out these five things you can be doing right now while you wait for your apartment to be ready for move-in:

Get a Jump on Organizing and Downsizing

Now is a great time to start sorting through your belongings and choosing the items you want to bring with you when you move. Many seniors feel rushed through the process of downsizing due to circumstances or sudden changes in health or mobility that make a move to a one-level-living apartment necessary. Making the decision to plan for your future now gives you the advantage of time to organize, downsize, and move on your own terms. Allowing yourself the time and space to go at your own pace will help you feel good about the outcome. And with less stuff and fewer boxes to deal with, moving day will be so much easier!

It helps to map out a strategy for downsizing and decluttering, starting with the rooms or closets you’ll sort through first. Choose a sorting system that works for you to help streamline items to keep, give to family and friends, donate, sell, recycle, or simply throw away. Downsizing is about the logistics of deciding what goes where, but it’s also an emotional journey that can stir up a range of feelings and memories. Sharing those experiences and stories with your loved ones can help lighten the burden. You may also discover that simplifying the stuff in your life can be very rewarding and beneficial as you plan your move to a smaller space.

Plan for Your Move

You’ve probably moved a few times in your lifetime, but this move is different. It can be difficult to leave the home where you’ve built memories over the years, but you’re gaining so much by choosing the freedom of a maintenance-free lifestyle. This move is a major event in your life, and it takes a fair amount of planning to ensure a smooth transition. You may have family and friends who want to help with the steps involved in moving, but you also may want to hire professional senior moving and relocating services to provide guidance throughout the process.

Senior moving specialists can help with oversight and scheduling of professional packing and moving services. Bringing in a team of professionals gives you the peace of mind knowing the details and heavy work will be handled without creating extra burden or stress for you or your loved ones. It also frees you up to focus your energy on the details of your new apartment. Imagine your new floor plan and potential room layouts, and start shopping for paint colors and décor for your new space.

Attend Community Events

Some communities host special events to keep you engaged while waiting for your apartment to be built. Community events for future residents provide an opportunity to start experiencing the community’s lifestyle and make friends before you even move in. Watch for community events coming soon to Opus Newton.

Discover What Inspires You

Planning your new home in a senior living community is the start of an exciting new chapter in life. Think about what inspires you most about your future home and all the things you want to do. You can build the community you want at Opus Newton, with a plethora of ways to be involved in activities, lifelong learning, art and music, recreation, social events, and volunteer opportunities designed for and by residents. You have the freedom to follow your passions in retirement. Get started now by making a list of what inspires you and how you want to spend your free time.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

As you anticipate your move into a senior living community, you can spend some time getting acquainted with the local area. This is the perfect time to cruise around town and see what’s near your future neighborhood. Check out the amenities within walking distance of the campus and explore nearby parks, walking trails, coffee shops, and restaurants. This is a great way to start imagining what your life will be like when you move.

Opus Newton by 2Life will be a senior living community in Newton, MA, designed to empower you to live your best life in retirement. We’re breaking ground in 2023 and building a community where friendship and connection provide purpose and direction in everyday life. We invite you to view our Envision Gallery to see our new community taking shape. Explore the Community Life section of our website to see what great things you can do in your soon-to-be new neighborhood!