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The name “Opus” represents our work in two important ways. First, we believe in older adults — that the best of life can still lie ahead — that drawing on everything they have experienced can culminate in a masterwork — their life’s Opus. Second, in addition to each individual’s “Opus,” the term applies to the community as a whole. An Opus is a musical masterpiece that draws on every instrument in the orchestra. When we combine all the diverse and different sounds from all the instruments, it is the combination of each unique sound coming together that creates an Opus — a masterwork. The people in our communities, each an individual, all joining together, will create our Opus.

Opus builds on our foundation of affordability, equity, sustainability and adaptability – always innovating with new programs and health and wellness services. Opus will provide the benefits of aging in community to adults age 62 and older who are financially “in the middle”. Opus will serve those who want to stay in Newton living with connection and purpose as they age but are over-income for subsidized housing (e.g. 2Life’s Coleman and Golda Meir Houses) and not able to comfortably afford the upscale senior living options available on the market.

And Like all 2Life Communities, Opus Communities are welcoming and inclusive with a profound respect for each individual. Celebrating all faiths, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations is a rich part of our culture.

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