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What It Looks Like When You Design Retirement Living Around Community

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to build a community where older adults feel they’re part of something bigger than themselves, in a place where they’re inspired to live their best lives every day, and with an overarching sense of social connection and belonging? And what if this type of community could be designed with financial security and affordability in mind? As it turns out, a retirement community like this is a rare find, and that’s exactly what we have in mind for Opus Newton, our newest 2Life Community under construction in Newton, MA.

The Power of Community

We’re rethinking the concept of retirement living to be more inclusive, more affordable and more exciting than you can imagine. The next generation of retirees are movers and shakers who thrive on having a purpose and getting things done. That’s exactly what we’re building here at Opus Newton, and it’s a concept that’s gaining momentum with those who want to do retirement differently.

Being part of a community and connecting socially with others provides an array of benefits for older adults. Having a supportive network of neighbors and friends can make a difference in your health, happiness, and quality of life. And it’s no secret that where you live in retirement matters, because your community and neighborhood can provide opportunities for healthy social engagement.

Looking for an affordable retirement community in Massachusetts? Here’s a look at some of the ways we’re designing retirement living around community at Opus Newton:

Income-inclusive options: The market is full of senior living options geared for a wealthy subset of seniors seeking a life of luxury. The entrance fees for high-end senior living communities are often out of reach for middle-income seniors — and in some cases, those who can afford it simply don’t want to pay for the high costs of luxury senior living. Opus Newton is designed to be accessible to seniors 62 and older looking for middle-income senior housing, offering an enriching retirement experience without the expensive price tag.

Active adult living connected with the local community: Opus Newton is designed to build a sense of community and relationship building within our campus and extending to the greater community as well. Opus Newton’s location was chosen for its proximity to community centers like the Jewish Community Center Greater Boston (JCC), which offers a wealth of opportunities for wellness, lifelong learning and community involvement. Our community attracts active older adults who love the idea of getting involved in the community. You could kayak the Charles River with a group of friends, volunteer to teach a class at the community, or take a day trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Buildings designed to reduce environmental impact and maintenance cost: Opus Newton is being built for both economic and environmental sustainability. Some of the ways we’re doing that include building to LEED standards and embracing passive house design with eco-friendly features. Our community’s primary building faces south to increase natural sunlight and manage energy reliance, and building materials were specially selected for their low-embodied carbon design. Our goal is to invite residents to be stewards of our natural resources and become active partners in the community’s sustainability efforts.

Neighbors coming together to make their community better: Opus Newton is designed for those who want a purposeful retirement, and we offer a robust volunteer program to spark your interests. Through Opus Time, residents will volunteer for 10 hours per month, and what you decide to do is entirely up to you! You could volunteer to teach a class, host a community breakfast or take a neighbor’s dog for a walk. All of these actions help further the goal of community engagement, which is a win-win for everyone!

Explore the Benefits of Vibrant Community Life at Opus Newton

We encourage you to learn more about our innovative senior living community under construction in Newton, MA. It’s a purpose-built community where you’ll be able to follow your passions and nurture your mind, body and spirit every day. Contact us to learn more about independent living at Opus Newton.