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Opus Newton Promotes a Truly Individualized Lifestyle

Senior woman knitting on a bench

“Weave the tapestry of your experience with passion and authenticity,” writes artist and creativity coach Jill Badonsky in her book “The Nine Modern Day Muses.” With the highly individualized lifestyle at Opus Newton, seniors have the opportunity to do just that. Here, your interests, skills, and personal preferences shape the warp and woof of your day. And if your health care needs change, person-centered care ensures you get the support you require.

The Benefits of Autonomy

After decades of enjoying the freedoms of a self-directed life, you’re not likely to want to sacrifice that autonomy in retirement. In fact, research suggests that autonomy — the sense of volition that makes a person feel their actions are self-motivated rather than a result of external pressure — is a predictor of well-being. At Opus Newton, our unique vision for retirement living encourages seniors to maintain independence and autonomy within a vital and supportive community.

The Opus Newton Difference

To create a community in which residents thrive as individuals, we’ve put a new spin on some of the typical features of retirement community living. And we’ve incorporated some fresh ideas, too. Here are some of the ways we’re re-imagining independent living and supporting individuality:

Embracing Inclusivity

It’s the authentic, the unique, the different that makes us feel enriched when we encounter it,” says Rabbi and philosopher Jonathan Sacks. At Opus Newton, we agree. Part of celebrating residents’ individuality is to welcome all faiths, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations.

Encouraging Volunteerism

One of the great gifts of a community of authentic individuals is the wealth of expertise each person has to share. Opus residents volunteer to share their talents, knowledge, gifts and passions with others in the community. You can teach a class on local birdlife or read aloud to a neighbor who’s under the weather. Whatever skill or gift you choose to share, your authentic contribution helps build a stronger community and can give you a deep sense of purpose and belonging.

Partnering in the Community

Like other retirement communities, Opus Newton offers services and amenities such as a fitness center, grab-and-go dining, apartment maintenance and transportation options. But we’ve also forged community partnerships a cost-effective way to ensure that you have access to a broad range of choices, giving you the freedom to suit your own preferences at competitive prices. You can enjoy the perks of our partnerships with local restaurants, ride-share companies and salons. And you can take advantage of our proximity to the Jewish Community Center, attending art or fitness classes or fun community events. We’re also located near parks, golf courses and a community farm, making Opus Newton an ideal home base for busy, active seniors.

Providing Customized Care

In many senior living communities, residents who have a health setback leave their apartment to get the support they need in a different part of the community or in a different community altogether. Opus Newton offers an alternative option: person-centered care delivered in your home. Our care navigation team can assist you in accessing home care providers or other resources should illness or surgery make extra help necessary.

Prioritizing Your Unique Retirement Dreams

In choosing Opus Newton, you have an opportunity to craft a highly personalized lifestyle amid a welcoming community in an active town. Contact us to find out more about Opus Newton.