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What Size Senior Independent Living Apartment Is Perfect for You and Your Spouse?

senior couple holding apartment keys

Are you looking at independent living for couples and trying to figure out how much space you need? Square footage is important, but sometimes location and layout matter even more when choosing the best space for you and your spouse or partner. When you’re shopping for independent senior living apartments as a couple, you want to make sure it’s a place where both of you feel comfortable and have the freedom to live your retirement years the way you want.

How Much Space Do Senior Couples Need?

Choosing between a one- and two-bedroom senior living apartment is a big decision for you and your partner. For some senior couples, a cozy one-bedroom apartment with a spacious living room and balcony feels just right. Other couples may desire more space for storage, hobbies, or entertaining guests, and they may find a two-bedroom apartment more suitable. Selecting an apartment that matches your needs allows both partners to enjoy the home and fully utilize the space.

The following questions can help you estimate how much space you’ll need and help you decide if a one- or two-bedroom apartment is best for you.

1. Will the apartment fit your furniture and belongings? Take measurements of your furniture to get an idea of how much space is needed for your sofa, dining room set, bedroom furniture and other large pieces. Understanding how much square footage you need and visualizing how to arrange your furniture and belongings can help you choose the best floor plan.

2. Do you need a second bedroom for hosting guests? Think about how you and your spouse plan to use the space. Do you need additional bedrooms for out-of-town guests, or would they be just as comfortable staying at a nearby hotel? Depending on your use of the space, you may want more room to entertain guests or host grandkids for an overnight stay. On the other hand, you might enjoy using community spaces and dining services when your guests visit, which in turn means having fewer rooms to furnish and maintain.

3. Do you or your spouse need a designated space for an office or hobbies? It’s important to make sure both you and your partner have the space you need to enjoy your hobbies in retirement. A second bedroom or den can be a great space for an office or craft room — or get creative and use a den or corner of the living room for a special purpose. Moving to a senior living community actually saves space because you don’t have to bring as much “stuff” when you have access to a fitness center, art studio, and other amenities.

4. Do you need extra space for storage? Moving from a larger home to a one- or two-bedroom apartment is a big change in life, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to start fresh. The process of downsizing can help you focus on what matters most and prioritize the things you want to move to your new apartment. Will your personal belongings fit in the closets and storage areas within a one-bedroom apartment, or will you need a second bedroom for additional storage? Some communities provide personal storage lockers within the building for the things you want to keep tucked away.

Find an Apartment That Fits Your Lifestyle and Budget

The key is finding the right balance with an apartment that meets your needs and fits into your budget. Choosing a rightsized apartment is a smart way to approach retirement, because it means you’re not paying for extra space you don’t need. And when you move to a maintenance-free apartment with a host of amenities and services available on-site or nearby, it’s easy to connect with neighbors and enjoy life-enriching opportunities every day.

Ready to dive into your apartment search? View our senior apartment floor plans to see how a well-designed apartment layout helps maximize square footage so you can elevate your lifestyle. Choose from an amazing selection of rightsized floor plans, including the Cutler (1 bedroom with den and 1.5 bath) and the Fyffe (2 bedroom with 1.5 bath).